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Red Rose Ornament Neck Gaiter

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Bored with traditional buffs? Here comes something pretty cool and eye-catching neck gaiters that are 3D printed into various funny patterns with extremely rich and vibrant colours! Easy to match your cool outfits and offering an awesome visual impact in your costume party or outdoor activity. 


Neck gaiters come in 2 styles; 1 and 2 layered, whilst 1 layer Neck Gaiters are lightweight and more flexible, 2 layer style is thicker and provide more warmth. 

Both styles have a filter pocket and come with a 5 layer PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter *Not meant to provide medical protection* You can also remove the carbon filter and use it as a standard neck gaiter. 

The neck gaiters’ tubular shape gives them a versatility that allows them to be moved up to the face and cover the nose and the ears and pulled down back to the neck.


Can be used as a headband, scarf, half face mask, face shield, wrist band, headwrap, neckerchief, balaclava and bonnet; for multiple purposes like running, hunting, fishing, hiking, motorcycle, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile riding, mountain, biking.

- 1 Layer Neck Gaiter Sizes
XS / S: 8.66” x 15” (22cm x 38cm) 
M / L: 9.84” x 17.32” (25cm x 44cm) 
XL / 2XL: 10.62” x 18.11” (27cm x 46cm)

- 2 Layer Neck Gaiter Sizes
XS / S: 9.44” x 16.14” (24cm x 41cm)
M / L: 10.23” x 17.32” (26cm x 44cm) 
XL / 2XL: 11” x 18.89” (28cm x 48cm)

- Fabric Layer 1 - 210 GSM 2-way stretch 82% Polyester 18% Lycra (Front Piece, Printable)
- Carbon Filter Layer 2 - Anti Sticky Cloth 
- Carbon Filter Layer 3 - Filter Cloth 
- Carbon Filter Layer 4 - Activated Carbon
- Carbon Filter Layer 5 - Filter Cloth 
- Carbon Filter Layer 6 - Anti Sticky Cloth 
- Fabric Layer 7 - 320 GSM Jersey fabric (73% Polyester, 22% viscose, 5 % elastane)
** Please note that the 7th layer on the 1 layer Neck Gaiters consists of only the filter pocket on the front.

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Neck Gaiter Size:

100% Cotton Bandana Size: 55 x 55cm

Polyester Bandana Size: 50 x 50cm

For Face Mask Size Reference:

  • Disposable surgical masks are 7” x 3.875” inches (not expanded) and 7” x 7” inches (expanded).
  • Our size S/M face masks are 7.5” x 4.5” inches.
  • Our size L/XL face masks are 8.75" x 5.5” inches.
  • Compared to disposable masks, S/M masks are similar to its unexpanded state, while the L/XL mask have 1.75” inches more wide coverage but fit nicely from the nose to just below the chin.
  • S/M fit well on children, and also for adults with smaller/narrow faces.
  • If a disposable mask fits somewhat loose, a S/M mask will fit. If the disposable mask is fully expanded or stretched, a L/XL will fit.

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